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10 After Care Guides in Eyebrow Tattoos

Women are naturally born being vain. Women always want to look the best they can from head to toe. The hair is considered as the crowning glory for women that are why a lot of women go to salons and have them rebounded, curled, colored and cut. Salon is the second place for most women who want to relax and to get rid from stress by pampering themselves. Women pamper themselves by way of pedicure, manicure, massage and spa and eyebrow tattoos. One of the common things that women do nowadays is to have that semi permanent makeup before and after every occasion or whether or not they have special event to go to, women just feel like having those semi-permanent makeup.

girl-1308308_960_720Having those eyebrow tattoos can really make women change his facial appearance. Even if the eyebrows only are being changed, it can affect how a woman can look. As there are choices as to what women would want to have. They can choose to have those thin or thick eyebrows. They can have those long eyebrows or the short ones. Everything depends on the shape of the face as well. Women become more pretty after eyebrow tattoo surgery. This needs to be well taken care of for years to come. So what can be the after care of your eyebrow tattoo?

  1. Swelling. This is very common to those women who had an eyebrow tattoos. You can always put icepack for 15 minutes each. This is normal.
  2. Avoid rubbing facial skin when you are washing your face. Do this for 10 days to avoid abnormal skin bruise.
  3. Do not wash, prick, or do something about the eyebrow area. Just leave it as it is. Until it is healed already.
  4. Never put liquids on top of your tattooed eyebrow. Do not use lotion, cream, or make-up. This will irritate them.
  5. During first night of sleeping after an eyebrow surgery be sure to sleep upright, never on both sides.
  6. There may be fading color that will happen but this is pretty normal. That is why you need to go back after 3 weeks for touch ups.
  7. Avoid sun exposure and chlorine contaminated water after weeks of eyebrow tattooing. This will do damage to your eyebrows.
  8. Do have some moisturizing technique for your eyebrows, using the recommended moisturizer by the dermatologist and not just any moisturizer as this will irritate your skin. Do this for 4 times in a day. If there are crusts forming, leave it as it is. Never do something to it by pricking, washing or scratching.
  9. Avoid applying make up to the area for 5 days straight as this can cause irritation.
  10. When taking a bath shower from eh back to avoid the water from getting in the eyebrow area.

Lookng great like having eyebrow tattoo cost only a small amount. Everything is affordable when it comes to beauty. As you can always benefit from it,  Just follow all the necessary steps before and after the eyebrow tattoo procedure.